The Forbidden Equation: i = qc

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Scientific Paper
Title The Forbidden Equation: i = qc
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Author(s) Forrest Bishop
Keywords Catt question, electric current, Maxwell Equations, transmission line, electric charge, electromagnetism
Published 2016
No. of pages 14

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Mr. Bishop’s label "the forbidden equation" is actually quite appropriate. But, it is not just because he has found no one else who mentions or uses it; rather, it is because it should be forbidden from physics, not admired as a new discovery about physics. - Prof. William A. Gardner, Electrical Engineering, UC Davis

There is any number of equations used to describe electric current. But there is one simple equation that
is seldom to be found in any Academic textbook or Peer-reviewed journal article. Yet what I’ve named "The
Forbidden Equation", i = qc, is nothing more or less than the defining equation of electric current, with i the electric current, q the net line charge per unit length, and c the speed of light. It is apparent why this equation is buried so deeply as to be unheard of- it destroys the idea of electric current, and all that descends from that idea, by its very definition. There have been a few recent sightings of The Forbidden Equation, all curiously enough in papers addressing The Catt Question.

i = qc is a mainstream equation, inseparably contained within their other electromagnetic equations and
easily derived from them using elementary algebra. It is Gardner’s Equation, Maxwell’s Equation, and Einstein’s
Equation as well. Behold the abyss.

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