The Fractal Structure of Light & Emanation of Matter

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Scientific Paper
Title The Fractal Structure of Light & Emanation of Matter
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Author(s) Francis Viren Fernandes
Keywords Fractal Light Torus Mass Energy Ether Photon Einstein Planck Wien Blackbody
Published 2010
Journal None
No. of pages 15

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A pulsating ether sphere rolling in a spinning pulsating ether torus Ђ A photon is a torus. Comprised of aitherons, ǽ the photon is measured in electron volts. When eVe energy is supplied a single photon yields an electron-positron pair. Tubular chains of photons coil to form an element measured as atomic mass. Helices of the same element form a 186-photon which is the associated elementary charge e or oxidation state of that element. A chain of 186-photons in the form of a slinky comprise an ether torus Ђ. The structure of matter is portrayed in terms of mass, radial length and frequency or time period. The components of an atom are depicted below and each bracket sources the empirical measurement.

737aitheron (h) ↔ Photon torus (eVe) ↔ Element torus (amu) ↔ 186 photon torus (qe) ↔ Ether torus (K)

A pulsating ether sphere is the oscillator the source of mass, temperature and electromagnetism.