The Fully Quantized Electromagnetic Field

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Scientific Paper
Title The Fully Quantized Electromagnetic Field
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Author(s) Richard Oldani
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Published 2003
Journal None
Volume 3
Number 1
No. of pages 5
Pages 81-85

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Electromagnetic Phenomena, V3, N1 (9), pp. 81-85. Einstein derived his coefficients of induced and spontaneous emission by assuming that electromagnetic radiation is directional, having the form of "needle radiation". That idea is extended here and shown to suggest a model of the atom in which excited atomic states are treated as three-body problems; nucleus, electron, and photon. The fully quantized electromagnetic field, or photon, is conceived of therefore as having a central core surrounded by a continuous sinusoidal field; and stimulated emission is the result of recoil momentum. "Real" frequency doubling oscillators replace fictitious harmonic oscillators as the mechanism that connects excited atomic states with radiation fields. This allows the mathematical formalism of quantum mechanics to be assigned a more precise physical interpretation. Evidence of the fully quantized electromagnetic field and frequency doubling oscillators is briely described at the macroscopic level as well, by citing experiments from chaos theory and high speed photographs of spark discharges. The totality of the experimental evidence indicates that quantum phenomena occur when field sources are of balanced intensity while classical phenomena are the result of imbalanced intensities, i.e. when elds are describable by test charges.