The ITEM Connection: How Planet Earth and Its Systems Were Made by Means of Natural Laws

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The ITEM Connection: How Planet Earth and Its Systems Were Made by Means of Natural Laws
Author Alexander A Scarborough
Published 1991
Publisher Ander Publications
Pages 194
ISBN 0930258038 Invalid ISBN

     The concepts in this book are the culmination of eighteen years of research and writings on scientific theories of origins from ancient to modern times.  In light of today's knowledge, most of the beliefs seem illogical -- some to the point of being entertainingly humorous.  But a touch of humor is an essential part of life and, therefore, of this book.

     However, a small number of philosophers and scientists came close to the truth about the origin of Planet Earth and many of its systems.  Their contributions proved critical to the completed jig-saw picture, as described in this seventh edition of new concepts of origins of Nature's beautiful miracles that we see about us every day.  To understand how they were created by means of natural laws is perhaps as exciting as putting the pieces of the complicated puzzle together proved to be.

     In this version of how Planet Earth and its systems were made, all the recent discoveries of the space probes fit perfectly in place.  Most were even predictable by the ITEM concept; all are confirmatory evidence supporting the new theory.

     Today, many scientists still struggle to fit their findings into the more speculative dogma of the last two centuries, even though assumptions and speculations may be needed to force-fit them into the puzzle.  However, when given the opportunity to learn of the new ITEM concept, planetary scientists will realize that all their data and discoveries fit very easily into it.  The new, exciting theory appears destined to replace current hypotheses and beliefs about the orgin of our solar system and Planet Earth and its systems.

     The ITEM concept had its beginning in March, 1973, under the name of TIFFE:  Theory of Internal Formation of Fuels and Elements.  It was first published and copyrighted in 1975 in two bulletins entitled Fuels: A New Theory.  In March, 1977, a 40-page booklet entitled Undermining the Energy Crisis expanded its scope.  This title was expanded further in the 1979 publication of a 140-page book.  In February, 1980, a manuscript, From Void to Energy to Universe, was copyrighted, but not published.  The AU-OS-GR graph and the Six Diagrams of the Geometric Birth of the Solar System were formulated from January to October of the same year -- 1980.

     New Concepts of Origins:  With White Fire Laden was published in August, 1986.  This 190-page book now has been updated to include the latest scientific discoveries of the space probes of our solar system and the latest information on the earth sciences.  All the new information and discoveries add irrefutable evidence in support of the new ITEM concept, as expounded in this 1991 edition of The Item Connection:  How Planet Earth and Its Systems Were Made by Means of Natural Laws.

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