The Inertial Transformations and the Relativity Principle

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Scientific Paper
Title The Inertial Transformations and the Relativity Principle
Author(s) Franco Selleri
Keywords Special relativity, Clock syncrhronization, Inertial transformations
Published 2005
Journal Foundations of Physics Letters
Volume 18
No. of pages 14
Pages 325-339


Our recently proposed inertial transformations of the space and time variables based on absolute simultaneity imply the existence of a single isotropic inertial reference system ("privileged system").

We show, however, that a resynchronization of clocks in all inertial systems is possible leadind to a different, arbitrarily chosen, isotropic "privileged" system. Such a resynchronization does not modify any one of the empirical consequences of theory, which is thus compatible with a formulation of the relativity principle weskeer than adopted in Einstein's theory of special relativity.