The Liberation of Time

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Scientific Paper
Title The Liberation of Time
Author(s) Franco Selleri
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Published 2004
Journal None
No. of pages 36
Pages 183-219


In the last ten years I have been working at the description of natural phenomena by observers in motion. It is a problem that many consider solved once for all by the Lorentz transformations of the Theory of Special Relativity (TSR in the following), but that actually was left open for reasons I will say. The result of this research is twofold: an explanation of the empirical data better than provided by the TSR, and the elimination of those features of the TSR which give rise to paradoxes; all this is obtained thanks to the liberation of time from the enslavement to space forced upon it in Minkowski space. The story is told in detail in a recent book [FS]. 

In the present paper I expound the basic ideas of the research leaving aside its mathematical parts.

(Paper published in the book "Hevelius, Science-Technology-Philosophy", [O. Nawrot ed.], pp.183-219, University of Gdansk, Scientific Society of Gdansk, Publishing House "SCIENTIA" Gdansk, Poland, 2004)