The No-Hair Theorem Parameters can be Reduced to solely the Black Hole's Specific Angular Momentum

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Scientific Paper
Title The No-Hair Theorem Parameters can be Reduced to solely the Black Hole\'s Specific Angular Momentum
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Author(s) Thierry De Mees
Keywords Coriolis Gravity, Gravitomagnetism, No-Hair Theorem, black hole, star, specific angular velocity, specific gravity
Published 2011
Journal General Science Journal
No. of pages 3

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The physicist John Wheeler is told having made a famous remark, "Black holes have no hair." This referred to the postulate that all black hole solutions of the general relativity, better, of the Einstein-Maxwell equations of gravitation, and of electromagnetism, can be completely characterized by only three externally observable classical parameters: mass, electric charge, and angular momentum, when observed from outside its event horizon. I show here that consequently, Gravitomagnetism is fully compatible with the No-Hair Theorem. Also, I deduce here that for a globally electrically neutral black hole, the No-Hair Theorem can be reduced to the knowledge of its specific angular momentum only, without the need of its gravitational attributes. Finally, I deduce the black hole's angular momentum out of the black holes' observed gravitational properties upon an orbiting object.