The Paradigm of Electric Universe

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Scientific Paper
Title The Paradigm of Electric Universe
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Author(s) Nicholas J G Sykes
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Published 2011
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 8
No. of pages 6
Pages 605-610

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The Electric Universe paradigm has offered serious challenges to gravity only-based field concepts in fundamental physics and astrophysics for over half a century, but these challenges have been resisted without serious examination and evaluation by the prevailing schools, whose accepted paradigm is shown to have departed from the foundational principles of science into a state that is akin to fantasy. Accordingly, the resulting 'melt-down' of the prevailing paradigm offers to Caribbean-based scientists a unique opportunity for leadership in the work of paradigm renewal in many areas of science that are commonly supposed to be 'hard'. The paper points out the grave deficiencies of the schools' accepted paradigm in its treatment of the following areas of physics and astrophysics: the nature of gravity: aether and wave theory: mass and its definitions from Sir Isaac Newton to the present time: the use of mathematics in physics modeling, with particular reference to the solar system, the Theory of Relativity, and exotic concepts in astrophysics such as magnetic reconnection: the states of matter: and dating the past. In each area it outlines the Electric Universe paradigm, and shows it restoring the physical model to the role of reliably describing the reality of our perception, rather than allowing the employment of mathematics to extend our perception to fantasy.

The result of the paper will be a challenge to a new university college that has not yet become a mainstream institution to provide facilities for the new paradigm's development.