The Secret of Light

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The Secret of Light
The Secret of Light 941.jpg
Author Walter Russell
Published 1947/1994
Publisher University of Science & Philosophy
Pages 288
ISBN 1879605449

"Today's civilization has advanced far in knowing HOW to deal with matter but we do not know WHAT matter is, nor the WHY of it. Nor do we know what energy, electricity, magnetism, gravitation and radiation are. Nor do we know the purpose of the inert gases and what they are. Nor do we know the structure of the elemental atoms nor the gyroscopic principle which determines that structure. Nor are we aware of the fact that this is a two-way continuous universe of balance in all effects of Motion and not a one-way discontinuous universe... Russell presents an alternative perspective on chemistry and physics more accurate than classical models!" - TeslaTech This book explains the nature of Light and proves the existence of God by methods and standards acceptable to science and religion alike. It lays a spiritual foundation under the material one of science; one upon which the current New Age movement is built. - Amazon

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