The Secret of the Creative Vacuum

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The Secret of the Creative Vacuum
The Secret of the Creative Vacuum 1111.jpg
Author John K Davidson
Published 2004
Publisher C.W. Daniel Company Ltd
Pages 432
ISBN 0852072023

Modern man has sought answers to life's deepest questions through an increasingly detailed analysis of matter. Yet results have proved elusive, point as much, if not more, to the importance of teh seeker's own mind as to the matter itself. Mystics, on hte other hand, have sought answers to the same mysteries through an inverse process: a 'turning within', studying mind and consciousness through specific meditational practices. But both have reached the smae conclusion: that mind and matter, energy and consciousness are too intimately entwined to be separately understood.

The Secret of the Creative Vacuum reveals the significance of this step, also outlining some of the profound and technological changes it will bring - including unlimited energy supplies. The introduction of John Davidson's unifying concept of the Formative Mind - a sthe Universe's hidden creation mechanism - reveals the link between enegy, mind and consciousness, also showing us the direction science must follow to find a meaningful and harmonious place in our lives.

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