The Solution to the Mystery of the Square Root of Minus One

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Scientific Paper
Title The Solution to the Mystery of the Square Root of Minus One
Author(s) Peter F Erickson
Keywords real number system, absolute numbers, square root of minus one
Published 2005
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 2
Pages 25-29


This is an excerpt from a forthcoming book on the nature of the infinitesimal. This square root of negative one has been in use for centuries. Most consider it to be either something transcendental or a mere direction to perform a certain operation. Einstein used it to help make plausible his idea of the fourth dimension. Actually, neither the idealists nor the logical positivists are correct. The -1 inside the radical sign is from a number system discovered by the author. It is called the "Veritable Number System." It?s special properties are shown herein. It stands with the real number system and absolute numbers as one of the three ways to handle the concept of direction. The author has found some applications to physical science not discussed in this paper. Students of nature and others are welcome to explore the implications of what has been disclosed, and use it to increase man?s knowledge of reality.