The Super Tube

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Scientific Paper
Title The Super Tube
Author(s) Moray B King
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Published 1996
Journal None
Pages 209-221


The vacuum polarization of atomic nuclei offer a means to cohere the zero-point energy (ZPE) when plasma ions undergo abrupt surges. Examples include the ion-acoustic resonance and abnormal glow discharge. A "super-tube" which combines the use of the hollow cathode discharge , radioactive cathodes, and inert gas mixtures should create an excessive energy output when tuned to cycle in the abnormal glow discharge regime. Output energy in the form of large voltage spikes are efficiently absorbed by a Pulse Current Multiplier circuit which might offer a solid state means of tapping the zero-pont energy.

This article was summarized in Infinite Energy, V2, N8, pp. 23-28 (1996), and reprinted in Dr. King's book, Quest for Zero Point Energy, pp. 29-49 (2001).