The Temperature Relativity of Mass

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Scientific Paper
Title The Temperature Relativity of Mass
Author(s) Goran Mitic
Keywords Relative mass, mass, temperature, relativity, gravitation, attraction, repulsion, antigravity
Published 2000
Journal Journal of Theoretics
Volume 2
Number 6
No. of pages 5


This paper presents a newly developed feature of mass that with the change of temperature, it is changed not only in quantity but also in the quality. It is proposed and shown herein that an attractive mass will decrease as the temperature increases, until it gets the quality of repulsion after going through the massless state. The change of mass from an attracting mass into a repulsing one represents the fundamental novelty in the mass interactions, and takes them into the natural harmony with all other known interactions in the nature. So, all known interactions in the nature are the attracting-repulsive ones, without exceptions. By introducing such antigravitation into the theory of interactions, the clear and simple way toward the Unified Theory of Fields is opened.