The True Direction of Gravitational Force

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Scientific Paper
Title The True Direction of Gravitational Force
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Author(s) James Carter
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Published 2011
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 8
No. of pages 5
Pages 107-111

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The fundamental determination to be made at the foundation of any theory of gravity is the choice that must be made for the direction of the gravitational force. Galileo, Newton, Le Sage and Einstein all chose to believe that the direction of the gravitational force pointed down. Here they just followed the conventional wisdom shared by almost everyone at the time. Galileo was the first to experiment with gravitational force. Newton discovered that force produces acceleration, Le Sage proposed that gravitational force came from otherwise invisible particles raining down from outer space and Einstein offered the Equivalence Principle as the reason to believe that the gravitational force pointed down. There does not even appear to be any evidence that these gravity theorists ever considered that the true direction gravitational force might be just what we measure it to be. The problem is, no one has ever been able to devise a physical measurement that could show the direction of gravitational force to be down. It can be shown with any simple accelerometer that the only possible direction of the gravitational force is up and not down. If we look at gravity in terms of its true direction of force as being up instead of down, then a whole new picture of gravity emerges as just a simple mechanical phenomenon instead of a magical and infinite force field.