The Universe Electric, Vol. 3: Comets ebook

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The Universe Electric, Vol. 3: Comets ebook
The Universe Electric, Vol. 3: Comets ebook 1199.jpg
Author Wallace Thornhill
Published 2009
Publisher Mikimar Publishing
Pages 101

From the earliest civilizations onward,comets have been the objects of dread, awe, and deep fascination. Though historians acknowledge this fact, only a few have explored the connection of comets to ancient memories of global catastrophe. As a result, mere guesses about the origins of "comet lore" have long dominated the scholarly discussion. A failure of theoretical science has also contributed to this situation. Popular comet theory has never worked. The idea that comets are "dirty snowballs" or "icy dirtballs" evaporating in the warmth of the Sun is challenged by volumes of space age observation: an abundance of comet images and other data from several probes of comets, collected cometary dust samples, a close-up look at the impact of a projectile on a comet, measurements of charged particles in the comas of comets, considerable information on surface chemistry (including the baffling absence of water ice), and numerous observations of "impossible" comet behavior, such as discharging way too far from the Sun, explosive eruptions and even breakup of comets.

Yet a new understanding of comets is gaining increasing recognition, and this view has demonstrated a predictive ability far beyond that of the "standard" model. In fact, it has succeeded precisely where the standard model failed. The new view places the emphasis on the electrical behavior of comets, in a dynamic relationship with an electric Sun. If comets are discharging electrically as they move through the Sun's electric field, that fact alone will confirm a core tenet of the Electric Universe hypothesis.

The UNIVERSE ELECTRIC ebook series began with volume 1: Big Bang?, continued with volume 2: The Sun and continues with this volume 3: Comets. In simple language stripped of scientific jargon, and with spectacular photographs of cometary phenomena and numerous graphic illustrations, this third volume gives a view of a well-substantiated, electric model of cometary phenomena. Anchored in empirical science, it illuminates the shadowy confusion of anomalies and contradictions that the current popular theory has spawned.

101 pages of highly graphical content leading the reader through a simple, straightforward explanation of the electrical nature of comets.

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