Three body problem - A deception (According to Hypothesis on MATTER)

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Scientific Paper
Title Three body problem - A deception (According to Hypothesis on MATTER)
Author(s) Nainan K Varghese
Keywords Relative frame of reference, absolute frame of reference, planetary orbits, orbital path, apparent orbit, real orbit, two body problem, three body problem, Hypothesis on MATTER.
Published 2012
Journal Vixra
No. of pages 9


By simple mechanics, it is impossible for a free body to orbit around another moving body, in any type of closed geometrical path. However, while considering two body problems, relative parameters of bodies are considered with one of them steady in space. This simple method of mathematical analysis can give accurate prediction of their future relative parameters. Orbital path of a planetary body appears around its static central body. Circular/elliptical orbits around a static central body, being an imaginary figure, has no value other than to indicate relative positions of concerned bodies. All macro bodies, in nature, are moving. In cases of moving central bodies (real situations) or when there are more than two bodies in a system, relative considerations cannot describe their orbital paths. Due to phenomenal success of solution to two body problem by relative considerations, a firm but erroneous belief has established that all planetary bodies move around their central bodies. Adamant belief in imaginary circular/elliptical orbital path is carried forward to three body system to create an imaginary and unsolvable problem. Three body problem (as considered today with respect to planetary motions) is unsolvable because real and imaginary situations are mixed in it. It is nothing but a deception from reality, adopted to create a baseless mystery.