To Produce Superluminal Particles

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Scientific Paper
Title To Produce Superluminal Particles
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Author(s) Joseph J Smulsky
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Published 1997
Journal Special Relativity Letter
Volume 1
Number 3
No. of pages 3
Pages 47-49

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Subject matter: 1. Any topic associated with the debate about special relativity (SR). But note that all SR conclusions are self-contradictory and mathematically invalid: the very notion of experimental verification is a category error; discussions of experimental aspects are therefore excluded. 2. Mathematical aspects of SR kinematics, and concepts associated with It (simultaneity, contraction, time dilation, etc.). Note that the 40 model is the result of a conceptual error; papers In the Minkowski tradition will not be considered. 3. Concepts of physics (space, time etc.). The critical debate shows that the virtue of reticence on concepts has left the field to ambitious and garrulous philosophers, who are typically afflicted with skepticism and lack common sense and that intuitive sense without which physics cannot be done. The task Is daunting and we are on shifting ground. To lay new foundations the study of concepts (philosophy). mathematics (methods of quantification) and physics must be integrated.