Twist-Loop Aethereal Fractal Structures

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Scientific Paper
Title Twist-Loop Aethereal Fractal Structures
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Author(s) William R Hohenberger
Keywords Aether, Ether, Fractal, Planck's Length, Alpha
Published 2010
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 7
No. of pages 6
Pages 202-207

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Planck's Length (PL) and Alpha, the Fine Structure Constant, can both be structurally defined and mathematically calculated from various fractal platforms operating within the aetheral fractal plenum. Furthermore, Schwartzchild's Radius, Planck's Length and the Fine Structure Constant, can all be structurally and mathematically modeled and then integrated along basic parameters defined by Sierpinksi's Triangle and Pascal's Fractal. Electron radius, electron mass and proton mass can be structurally calculated from the resultants of these charts and models.