Understanding DNA: The Molecule and How it Works

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Understanding DNA: The Molecule and How it Works
Understanding DNA: The Molecule and How it Works 1065.jpg
Author Horace R Drew
Published 1992/1997/2004
Publisher Academic Press
Pages 352
ISBN 0121550893

"Throughout the book, there is something of a playful spirit at work...[which] make[s] subtle physical effects...intuitively comprehensible. We see DNA structures so often that it is often taken for granted that the molecule should not be anything but an aesthetically appealing, spiralling helix. But why should it assume such a nice structure? The book offers an absolutely delightful answer to this and other similarly mischievous questions. Understanding DNA is a great book that will surely prove to be a valuable teaching tool."
--The Biochemist

"Among the strengths [of the book] are the clarity of the explanations of some quite difficult concepts and the novel way in which certain ideas are treated, perhaps causing the reader to think again about certain aspects of DNA structure. I enjoyed reading this book and would encourage colleagues working in the general area of DNA research to read it."

"A systematic and comprehensive analysis of the structure of DNA from a wonderfully fresh perspective. The book is a systematic effort to understand this fascinating molecule from the inside out, building from the first, and simplest principles...I recommend it very highly."
--Trends in Genetics

"Sylish...beautifully crafted, with a logical step-by-step approach to the subject. A book from which the advanced undergraduate will benefit, and which will also generate a refreshing perspective for experts."

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