Vacuum Energy Vortices

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Scientific Paper
Title Vacuum Energy Vortices
Author(s) Moray B King
Keywords Vacuum Energy, Vortex
Published 1994
Journal None
Pages 257-269


Abrupt motion or helical motion of atomic nuclei can cause a coherent, multibody vacuum polarization in the zero-point energy (ZPE). Supporting evidence arises from inventions and experiments that produce anomalous energy from events such as abrupt electrical discharges, ion-acoustic oscillations, sonoluminescence and fractoemisiion. Excess energy is prodiced when ions precess through a force-free vortex. Counter-rotation plasmas might create pair production od macroscopic ZPE displacement current vorteices. Examples include the Swiss ML Converter and Sweet's "Vaccum Triode Amplifier" where twisting lattice grains within a barium ferrite ceramic apparently induce fractoemission.

This article was reprinted in Dr. King's book, Quest for Zero Point Energy, pp. 51-69 (2001).