Ways for Non-Relativistic Consolidation of Science

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Scientific Paper
Title Ways for Non-Relativistic Consolidation of Science
Author(s) Joseph J Smulsky, Sergey N Arteha
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Published 2007
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 4
Number 1
Pages 15



The non-relativistic direction in physics existed since the advent of the relativity theory (RT). But, despite great numbers of independent, talented and skilled adherents, results of their activity have not yet led to the rejection of pseudo-scientific theories. There exist external and internal causes for this. Some actions must possibly be taken to safeguard the works of our generation. These actions must promote consolidation of the non-relativistic movement and obtaining of proved results. It is offered to discuss the problem of disunion of non-relativistic works and their development. For consolidating the non-relativistic movement, the discussions on the following directions are suggested. 1. Forming a scientific methodology of investigations 2. Forming the list of problems for joint physical investigations 3. Construction of the common base of performed works 4. Forming of united physical basis All interested colleagues are invited to participate in a detailed discussion of the above proposals.