Why Physics Needs the Ether - Part 1: Screening Effect

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Scientific Paper
Title Why Physics Needs the Ether - Part 1: Screening Effect
Author(s) Dimiter G Stoinov
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Published 2005
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 16
Number S1
Pages 17-20


Future progress in science will be closely connected with vacuum physics, and ?ether? is synonym of vacuum. For many years in the past, most prominent scientists attempted to solve the secret of the ether but failed. It has been introduced in physics as a medium for propagation of electromagnetic waves. However, it can be argued that it plays a much more substantial role. A new two-stage gaseous model of the ether will be considered in a series of articles. It will be shown that applying a ?screening effect? with certain properties to the ether (vacuum), one will be able to explain the strong and weak interactions. That is why physics needs the ether. In Part 1 here the screening effect is described.