"Big Bang" or "Steady State"?

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Scientific Paper
Title \"Big Bang\" or \"Steady State\"?
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Author(s) Mogens True Wegener
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Published 2007
Journal None
No. of pages 15

Read the full paper here


Revised version (30.12.2008). In the present paper it is shown how it is possible to use the strict "light principle" as a point of departure for deriving three new "steady state" models of the universe which are at variance with the Robertson Walker Metric but fulfill Milne's cosmological principle.


A. Introduction # A simple derivation of LT

  1. Importance of the gamma-factor
  2. The formal reduction of LT to GT
  3. From "big bang" to "steady state"
  4. Our basis: the strict "light principle"
  5. The cosmological principle of Milne
  6. A new model of continuous creation
  7. Two asymptotic approximations
  8. The gamma-factor in disguise

O. Conclusion