Amp?re vs. Grassmann on Experimental Grounds

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Scientific Paper
Title Amp?re vs. Grassmann on Experimental Grounds
Author(s) Jorge A Guala-Valverde, Ricardo A Achilles
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Published 2010
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 21
Number 1
Pages 18-21


The growing interest in a thorough revision of the tenets of classical electrodynamics compels the physics community to reconsider the dominating magnetic field rationale applied to electrodynamics since the time of Lorentz. The torque-production mechanism presently attributed to homopolar machines, which is based on Grassmann's force, has been definitively ruled out by recent crucial experimentation. Conversely, Ampere's force law, restating the Newtonian symmetry requirement for energy conversion, fully explains homopolar torque production.