Astrogeology, Origin and Destiny of the Earth

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Astrogeology, Origin and Destiny of the Earth
Author Hector Luis Bonilla
Published 1999
Publisher Buy Books on the
Pages 166
ISBN 0741400545

Consider Astrogeology a literary virus in the Program of Science.  It will affect the files of Physics, the files of Astronomy, the files of Geology, and the files of Meteorology.  Astrogeology might become known as the little theory that could. We researched science looking for trouble.  The results are a new origin and a new destiny for the earth, the moon, the sun, and the universe.  Our study of hydrodynamics was applied to magnetism, only to come up with The Magnetic Alphagen Theory of Masspace in Timemotion.  The only ones who will not be intrigued by Astrogeology are already dead. - Amazon

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