Causality in Kaon Decays

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Scientific Paper
Title Causality in Kaon Decays
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Author(s) Tom Love
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Published 2010
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 7
No. of pages 1
Pages 302

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The question we want to analyze is described by Branco, Lavoura and Silva: There is no other particle with equal mass. Therefore, KL must be its own antiparticle. It decays both to Pi+eNue and to the C-conjugate mode Pie+Nue. However, it decays slightly less often to the first than to the second mode. This fact unequivocally establishes both C violation and CP violation.

There is an unstated assumption in their statement: the decays of the kaon are internal (independent of the background) and acausal (they have no cause). These assumptions come from standard quantum mechanics. We show that there is a cause for their decay and there is neither C violation nor CP violation in the decays of the kaon. The asymmetry in the decays is due to the asymmetry of the background, not an inherent difference.