Chapter 4: Light Isotropy-Theory and Experiment

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Scientific Paper
Title Chapter 4: Light Isotropy-Theory and Experiment
Author(s) Jeff Alford
Keywords Light Isotropy, Experiment
Published 2008
Journal General Science Journal
No. of pages 19


It is examined how the six theoretical models for light isotropy (three ballistic, two ether, and SRT) stand up to the original Michelson Morley Experiment and to original Bradley (Airy not considered) Stellar Aberration. This paper presumes that the reader has read my other paper ?A brief Overview of SRT?. The models are categorized according to the convention which the author has chosen. This paper is not quite as speculative as some of my other papers, such as ?Problems with Einstein's Train Thought Experiments?, ?Einstein's Two Postulates?, ?Problems with the All Pervading Ether Hypothesis?, or ?Propagation Geometry and Propagation Character-Two Issues or One Issue.?