Cosmological Coincidences

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Scientific Paper
Title Cosmological Coincidences
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Author(s) Martin Kokus
Keywords Hubble constant, age of observable universe, value 137, redshift quantization
Published 1994
Journal Apeiron
Volume 1
Number 20
No. of pages 5
Pages 1-5

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Since the measurement of the Hubble constant made it possible to calculate the age or diameter of the observable universe, theorists have noticed that when the fundamental constants of physics are combined so that their units cancel, the dimensionless numbers created cluster around two values, 1040 and 137. Some of these numbers predicted relationships that were later verified but still have no explanation within standard theories. Recently, a simple relationship between 137 and 1040 has been found. Another coincidence has been found involving the magnetism of rotating bodies. Furthermore, a new coincidence has been found to occur between a dimensionless constant that is used to describe the redshift quantization of astronomical bodies and the fractal dimension of the universe. The older coincidences are reviewed and the new ones are surveyed. The author draws no conclusions, he merely presents the puzzle.