Cosmological Tendencies : A Changed Complexion at the Menches Convention

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Cosmological Tendencies : A Changed Complexion at the Menches Convention
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Author Marvin Eli Kirsh
Published 2011
Publisher Lulu
Pages 338
ISBN 978-1-257-95358-5

A Non-random state of the entire universe rather than just human life and existence is not always considered in creative expression. The assembly of poems in Cosmological Tendencies is meant to confront paradox, generate humor, expose human situations from the only plausible view, from example as they are part, without exception, of a cosmos that has no parts that are 'out of this world', is a story line itself that contains and beholds itself as one beholds the stories of life that exist no other way but in the beholding, and is all that exists. I hope, poetic constructions in a 'bits and pieces' approach inherited from an academic background in the Natural Sciences, diverging to confront human paradox, will enlighten, entertain and educate to the possibility of a wall that, other than fixed and pre-existing, though immoveable, grows forwards from the conscious reflections that compose the choruses of men and women in their learnings rather than from their engagements to action.

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