Creating Sub-Atomic Structures by the MNM Model

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Scientific Paper
Title Creating Sub-Atomic Structures by the MNM Model
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Author(s) Milos Abadzic
Keywords Sub-Atomic Structures, MNM Model
Published 2007
Journal General Science Journal
No. of pages 24

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This article shows a developed Natural Model of Nature (NMN model) which creates subatomic structures and determines their fundamental characteristics. This begins with elementary electronic triplets, (as the most complex sub-elemental structure), and in virtue of them, builds all subatomic particles. In that respect, these interactions always have all three fundamental sub-elemental particles present. It is reasonable to assume that the act of creating subatomic particles causes the appearance of notable variances in relation to existing configurations. There is a favorable circumstance in that the data can be scrutinized by various means. Some of the configurations shall be identified later to explain characteristics and processes at atomic and molecular levels. On this level , there is still no differentiation between particles which could explain differences between inert and living matter. Both subatomic structures and atoms themselves have standalone characteristics. In addition, experiments with processes that create and decompose subatomic particles will reveal their various structures. The conclusions which follow have seriously implications connected to the characteristics and operations of the various particles. For appreciation of this article, one requires an acquaintance with the contents of "Naturalistic Model of Nature", and if possible, with Concerning the Nature of Nature.