Dielectric Gravity Field Sensors

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Scientific Paper
Title Dielectric Gravity Field Sensors
Author(s) Dan A Davidson
Keywords aether, detectors, gravity, sensors
Published 1992
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 3
Pages 28-31


Some experimenters have recorded output from electrical devices which seems to show diurnal and anomalous voltage variations correlating to the positions of the planets and stars, and the occurrences of earthquakes and solar flares. There is some suspicion that such devices may in fact be measuring variations in the gravitational field.

Dan Davidson presents results from his experiments with such a device. Some others who have worked in this field are Nikola Tesla, 1899 (diurnal capacitance variations); T. T. Brown, 1952-1975 (diurnal rock, capacitor and resistance voltage readings); and Oliver Nicholson (diurnal antenna voltage variations).