Effort and Force (According to 'Hypothesis on MATTER')

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Scientific Paper
Title Effort and Force (According to \'Hypothesis on MATTER\')
Author(s) Nainan K Varghese
Keywords Effort, force, work, energy, quantum of matter, 2D energy field, inertia
Published 2010
Journal Vixra
No. of pages 13


Force is generally understood as cause of an action and result of an action is often quantified as work-done or as energy-transferred. All these terms are very vague and have no clear meanings or definite mechanisms of action. Force is considered as the primary entity and work or energy is considered as the result of action of force. The concept, put forward in the ?Hypothesis on MATTER, depicts force, work and energy as terms with clear meanings. An external effort has a definite mechanism to transfer work from a force-applying body to a force-receiving body. This article intends to give very brief description of various terms, used in conjunction with physical (motion) actions as envisaged in the above mentioned concept. An effort is the cause of an action. Action of an effort transfers work from one macro body to another macro body. Work about a macro body is the distortions in the all-encompassing universal medium about it. Stress developed due to distortions in universal medium about a macro body is the energy stored in and about the macro body. Work is the primary entity and it is real. Force (or power) is the rate of work (being changed by the action of an external effort) and energy is the stress (in the universal medium about a matter body) due to the work. Force and energy are functional entities describing certain aspects of work. For details, kindly refer to [1].