Energy: Free Energy, the Aether, and Electrification

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Energy: Free Energy, the Aether, and Electrification
Author Dan A Davidson
Publisher Rivas Publishing

Contains Mr. Davidson's paper given at the 1992 International Tesla Symposium on "Electrostatics - A Key to Free Energy". The paper elucidates Mr. Davidson's latest research on free energy and anti- gravity. Actual verification by Mr. Davidson of the Townsend Brown effect is discussed. His research into the HYDE free energy patent and a preliminary verification of the high voltage spikes that HYDE claimed were part of his discoveries. Also included in the book is a reprint of Professor Sanford's book "A physical Theory of Electrification", published in 1910, which is a derivation of the laws of electrostatics from the standpoint of the aether. It was a rare find and provides exciting views into aether theory not found anywhere else.

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