Eric S Reiter

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Eric S Reiter
Eric S Reiter
Born (1950-03-08)March 8, 1950
Residence Pacifica , CA, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Wave-particle duality, Quantum physics
Scientific career
Fields Independent researcher

Eric Reiter is an American scientist and experimentalist who is best known for his challenges and alternative explanations for quantum mechanics. He is best known for his extensive study and work of quantum mechanics and today subscribes to what he calls the Threshold Model as well as his work on solving the wave-particle duality.

Experimental Work

Reiter's work reflects his progress in understanding of light in quantum mechanical experiments.

Loading Theory (LT)

In 2002 his gamma-ray beam-split coincidence experiments clearly defied the photon model and the Born rule, thereby resolving the wave particle paradox. In 2005 his similar experiments with splitting alpha-rays show that an atom can be split like a wave. Therefore matter has been shown to have two states: the contained wave of the atom can unravel and act like a wave. These are the only clear experiments that challenge quantum mechanics. It is explained by the long abandoned Loading Theory (LT). My writings explain how past experiments were misinterpreted, and an enhanced Loading Theory.

Threshold Model

Today, Reiter works on a newer model which he calls the Threshold Model.

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