Ether Denial, Motion-Induced Clock Slowing & the Big Ether Blob Revolution

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Scientific Paper
Title Ether Denial, Motion-Induced Clock Slowing & the Big Ether Blob Revolution
Author(s) Jim Hodges
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Published 2007
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 4
Number 1
Pages 83-91


The planet of the naked apes is afflicted with collective madness which puts a long delay on the drawing of obvious inferences from ubiquitous observational evidence concerning physics and cosmology. This has been the case for the Round (not flat) Earth revolution_, the Spinning/Orbiting (not still) Earth revolution_ and now the Big Ether Blob (not empty space) universe revolution. As an example of the deranged delaying tactics employed against the BEB revolution, the (measured) steady reduction of the frequency of a gamma ray source on the rim of a spinning disk was wilfully misinterpreted by Turner & Hill (1964) as a negative ether drift experiment. As a form of shock therapy, the Ether Drift Club has carried out an investigation using a mechanical model of the motion-induced clock-rate slowing observed in the Solar System, in which spinning orbiting atomic clocks are simulated by ultrasound emitters whose frequencies are artificially reduced as a very specific function of their Mach numbers. This model replicates all essential elements of observed Earth/Sun clock-rate slowing, and therefore proves beyond reasonable doubt that there is a matter/light medium which encompasses the universe. However the prognosis for acceptance of the OEether theory of everything_ in the foreseeable future is grim. Unlike the previous Round Earth and Spinning/Orbiting Earth revolutions, the BEB revolution will come into immediate direct confrontation with the prevailing world view, and every vested interest one can think of, socially, politically, economically, technologically, scientifically, cosmologically and religiously. The major import of the BEB revolution is that it will have to recognized that the Big Ether Blob is fine-tuned to conceal ether drift, and on the balance of probabilities provides evidence for intelligent design which is a fortori the case because the BEB generates the various species of sentient creatures without outside intervention.