Failure of the Relativistic Hypercone

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Scientific Paper
Title Failure of the Relativistic Hypercone
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Author(s) Glenn Borchardt, Steven Bryant
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Published 2011
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 8
No. of pages 3
Pages 99-102

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Einstein built relativity theory upon foundational conceptual shapes such as a spherical wave and a hypercone. He created the hypercone by defining l, or light-time, as l = ct. Conceptually and mathematically, Einstein then used l, or light-time, as a replacement for Time, t, in his derivation. Here we find that light-time, l, is actually a measure of Distance, not Time, because the result of a Velocity multiplied by a Time is always a Distance. Because Time and Distance cannot be used interchangeably, its mistreatment as both a Time and a Distance invalidates Einstein's hypercone concept and the resulting mathematical and theoretical conclusions. The critical mistake represents a key characteristic of Einstein's theory because it enables him to objectify Time - or treat Time as if it were a Distance. This objectification of motion, a key unstated characteristic of Relativity theory, has led to incorrect theoretical conclusions for over a century.