Feynman Apologetics

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Scientific Paper
Title Feynman Apologetics
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Author(s) Francis Viren Fernandes
Keywords Electron volt, Joules, Mole, Faraday, Feynman lectures
Published 2009
Journal None
No. of pages 3

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Acceleration due to gravity is voltage. Gravity is acceleration. Voltage is acceleration. Gravity and voltage are synonymous terms. The 1.86x10-9 kg-mass herein referred to as 186 represents intrinsic charge, e. The 186 ether mass is the source of gravity or voltage and electromagnetism. Electron volt is a term used very casually as energy. Feynman uses the term electron volt as energy with apologies. The world carries on without apologies. Electron volt energy is mixed up with SI units within equations by rote; dimensional analysis is skipped; assumption controls are not checked. This paper deconstructs Feynman's blunder in endorsing incorrect units for energy while acknowledging confusion. For those who want some proof that physicists are human, the proof is in the idiocy of all the different units which they use for measuring energy. The Character of Physical Law (1967) by R. P. Feynman.