Foundations of Electrodynamics

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Foundations of Electrodynamics
Foundations of Electrodynamics 1642.gif
Author Domina Eberle Spencer, Parry H Moon
Published 2013
Publisher Dover
Pages 320
ISBN 0486497038

Defined by the authors as "a serious attempt to develop electrodynamics on a postulational basis and to define each concept in the most general way," this advanced undergraduate text takes a logical rather than historical approach. The treatment presupposes some knowledge of electricity and magnetism, making substantial use of vector analysis. The first ten chapters employ a nonrelativistic perspective, covering fields, basic concepts, Maxwell's equations, charges with no relative motion and charges in uniform motion, accelerated charges, skin effect, waves, wave guides, and antennas. The final two chapters explore moving systems and relativistic electrodynamics. Numerous figures illuminate the text, and appendixes offer useful information on notation, differential equations, and other topics.

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