Free Energy, Gravity and the Aether

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Scientific Paper
Title Free Energy, Gravity and the Aether
Author(s) Dan A Davidson
Keywords Free Energy, Gravity, Aether
Published 1996
Journal None


Over the years the existence and understanding of the aether has evolved as the basis for gravity and free energy effects at a micro and macro level. Laboratory experiments have shown that superluminal energy and information transfer has been effectively accomplished via aetheric engineering, which effectively eliminates the theory of relativity and its absurd views of physics and cosmology. The structure of the aether is summarized, as a superfluidic medium, including interrelationships of many of the basic universal constants describing physical phenomena with magnetic, electrical, and gravitic formulas. The author summarizes experiments that he has carried out, as well as others. Also summarized will be the author's current view of where the maverick ("behind the scenes") science network has moved in engineering the aether. The essence is that a worldwide, loosely associating group of engineers, physicists, chemists, and assorted garage shop experimenters have moved well beyond the stifling shrouds of the orthodox "science" community. Experiments have proven that the aether exists, and that it is engineerable, even to the extent that gravity is controllable, free energy is possible, superluminal energy/information transfer is readily accomplished, and a plethora of new inventions in energy generation, transportation, and communication are now being engineered for the marketplace.