Fundamentals of a Zero-Point Energy Technology

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Scientific Paper
Title Fundamentals of a Zero-Point Energy Technology
Author(s) Moray B King
Keywords Zero-Point Energy, ZPE
Published 1993
Journal None
Pages 201-217


The vacuum polarization of atomic nuclei may trigger a coherence in the zero-point energy (ZPE) whenever a large number of nuclei undergo abrupt, synchronous motion. Experimental evidence arises from the energy anomalies observed in heavy-ion collisions, ion-acoustic plasma oscillations, sonoluminescence, fractoemission, large charge density plasmoids, abrupt electric discahrges, and light water "cold fusion" experiments. Further evidence arises from inventions that utilize coherent ion-acoustic activity to output anomalously excessive power. A ZPE coherence sufficient to manifest a gravitational anomaly might occur from circulating charged plasma through a helical vortex ring. Abruptly pulsed, opposing electromagnetic fields may further augment any ZPE-interaction.

This article was reprinted in Dr. King's book, Quest for Zero Point Energy, pp. 29-49 (2001).