Fundamentals of the New Theory fo Magnetism

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Scientific Paper
Title Fundamentals of the New Theory fo Magnetism
Author(s) S D Brusin
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Published 2006
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It is noted, that the modern theory of a magnetism can not uncover true na- ture of a magnetism, as it ignores the availability of material ethereal medium presenting the form of the substance whitot the particles. The magnetic flow ? through a cross-sectional area S is determined by velocity V of the motion of the ether mass with density d and scored as ? = dVS. Accordingly magnetic induction will be expressed by the equation ? = dV. The relation between a created magnetic intensity ? and gained velocity V of the motion of an ether of near-earth empty space is given. On the basis of ether the deduction of the for- mula of the law of Ampere is given, and also the nature is uncovered: of the ferromagnetism, electromagnetic induction, variable electr?magnetic field, force of Lorentz, interaction of permanent magnets.