Gravitational Lensing

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Scientific Paper
Title Gravitational Lensing
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Author(s) Francis Viren Fernandes
Keywords Doppler, BigBang, Ether, GPS, Radiation, Field, GRT
Published 2010
Journal None
No. of pages 1

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The prediction of GRT is correct with respect to slowing of time period when photon mass in detectors or emitters are in higher orbits above the earth. The modified gravitational lensing equation proves that earth's gravitational field alters frequency of the photon in the emitter on earth and detector in space. Photons have mass. The photon mass pulsates at a frequency. The frequency change to a lower frequency at higher orbits is called time dilation. This is red shift. 186-ether transmits light of this source photon across space. Photons do not travel. At higher orbits the ether wave is red shifted. At lower orbits the ether wave is blue shifted. The true meaning of gravitational lensing is empirically proved with and only with photon mass in instruments and 186-ether waves.