Henry H Lindner

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Henry H. Lindner
Henry H. Lindner
Born (1958-12-00)December 0, 1958 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence Falls, PA, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Philosophy of Science, Aether
Scientific career
Fields Medical Doctor, Philosopher

I'm a physician and philosopher. I graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1984 and began training as a psychiatrist. I was appalled by the false theories and ignorance that dominated psychiatry and so resigned my residency to become a general practitioner. I worked as a GP for the US Air Force and then for major corporations in Saudi Arabia. I lived overseas for 12 years until 2001. My fondest memories are of Izmir, Turkey, in the heart of Ionia: the birthplace of philosophy. There I fell in love with Greek architecture and history, and with the Turkish people and their wonderful ability to relax and enjoy life. I've read thousands of books in my attempt to figure out the world and everything in it. It took me twenty years to deprogram myself from the brainwashing I had received from Church, School, and State and to begin to understand the world as it is. Yes, very few people have the time or opportunity to deprogram and reprogram themselves. When I looked to theoretical physics for answers about the nature of the Cosmos, what I found was that the current models were based upon false and inadequate foundational ideas. Relativity and Quantum Theory are based upon Idealism/Spiritualism. (See "Beyond Consciousness to Cosmos..."). A functional theory of the Cosmos and everything in it must be based instead upon Cosmism--the admission that the Cosmos is the ultimate reality and that it has produced us and our special lingustic consciousness. One cannot make a living as a dissident; fortunately, I eventually stumbled into gaps in conventional medicine's understanding of hormones, and this new knowledge allows me to use my professional knowledge and licensure to directly improve people's lives and earn a living. (see www.hormonerestoration.com)

Website http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/hlindner1/ inoperable as of 7/09.


Theory to Cosmic Theory]]" (Read in full)