Implosion of Aether and Universal Energy Theorem

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Scientific Paper
Title Implosion of Aether and Universal Energy Theorem
Author(s) David Garroway
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Published 2016
No. of pages 5


On the West Coast of the United States there are two separate gravitational anomalies. One
outside of Santa Cruz called the "Mystery Spot" and the other "Oregon Vortex." After visiting
such unusual places, it became obvious to me the current Estonian view of gravity (mandate
no anti-gravity) must be completely wrong or at least incomplete. A correct theory does not
allow for such anomalies, and furthermore, a correct theory would be able to describe the
behavior (or non-behavior) of something.

Most of the time, a valid theory does not make the cut. Indeed, Einstein was wrong. The
aether does exist all around us and its complex behavior is what causes gravity. Gravity is an
effect rather than an invisible force reaching through nothingness which grabs onto objects or
things. We are courtesy of the de- astro fractating implosive force of the inward flow of aether
being pushed down to the Earth, not pulled.

The same force and movement of the spiraling aether, also known as the Golden Mean, and
the consequent spiraling waves occurring within it are responsible for all of the "forces" of
nature. From the orbit of Jupiter to the orbit of the electron, attraction and repulsion, and even
anti-gravity and the reversal of the Coriolis effect are all the result of the aether; its constantly
accelerating movement as well as the right and the left spiraling wave inside it. This abstract
describes how this force arises and how it can be manipulated.

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