Lectures on "A Coherent Dual Vector Field Theory for Gravitation"

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Scientific Paper
Title Lectures on \"A Coherent Dual Vector Field Theory for Gravitation\"
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Author(s) Thierry De Mees
Keywords gravitation, star: rotary, disc galaxies, spiral galaxies, repulsion, relativity, gyrotation, gravitomagnetism, chaos, angular momentum, supernovae shape
Published 2003
Journal General Science Journal
No. of pages 6

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Gravitation is governed by two fields: the radial gravitation field of steady masses and the so-called gyrotation field, induced by relative mass velocities. The Maxwell analogue equations express them entirely. Gyrotation is the field which is caused by the (angular) motion of gravitation, and is defined by the mass' velocity through a steady gravitation field. It acts transversally in relation to gravitation. Rotating bodies as well generate gyrotation. These lectures explain some aspects of gravitomagnetism (or gyrogravitation). * Lecture A : a word on the Maxwell analogy.

  • Lecture B : a word on the flux theory approach.
  • Lecture C : a word on the application of the Stokes theorem and on loop integrals.
  • Lecture D : a word on planetary systems.
  • Lecture E : a word on the formation of disc galaxies.