Lenz's Law

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Scientific Paper
Title Lenz\'s Law
Author(s) David Tombe
Keywords Lenz's Law, aether
Published 2008
Journal General Science Journal
No. of pages 5


In electromagnetism, Lenz's law states that the direction of an induced electric current is such as to oppose the change that causes it. Lenz's law would therefore appear to be closely related to the law of conservation of energy, apart from the fact that it operates in conjunction with non-conservative forces. It will now be shown that Lenz's law is a manifestation of the ongoing transfusion of aether between the positron sources and the electron sinks of the luminiferous medium. Energy in the form of pressurized aether is drawn up from the luminiferous medium by a pumping mechanism which sometimes resembles an Archimedes' screw. This pumping mechanism will involve the simultaneous sinking of already existing pressurized aether.