Light as Dynamic Maxwellian Photons: Interference in Terms of Trajectories

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Scientific Paper
Title Light as Dynamic Maxwellian Photons: Interference in Terms of Trajectories
Author(s) Antonis Agathangelidis
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Published 2010
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 21
Number 4
Pages 63-70


Since Maxwell's electromagnetic wave carries energy and momentum, it can be the constituent of the photon. Here the photon is not conceived as a point-like energy packet governed by an external Maxwellian field, but the opposite; axiom a): The photon is assumed to be a linearly-polarized and transversely-vibrating sinusoidal micro E/M disturbance of one period duration propagating in ether. We call this photon model ?polarized Maxwellian photon? (PMP). The total length of the propagating PMP is lPH = cT = (lambda). The propagation of this photon is in the ether (i.e. Maxwell?s vibrating medium, classical ether, vibrating potential vacuum, vibrating quantum substratum, etc.]. In order to explain the behavior of the PMP, we admit and the following axiom (b): The emitted photon (PMP), from the atom, vibrates always coherently to its nearby vibrating ether. Axioms (a) and (b) are not independent of each other and both lead us to deduce that: (i) The PMP?s can interact mutually only with those similar PMP?s which are propagating along crossing Newtonian-like paths forming very small angles between them (no matter if the photons are moving together, or in opposite directions), (ii) The PMP?s explain the boson-behavior of photons, (iii) The PMP's are interacting mutually in such a way -ii-, as to create the illusionary interpretation ?as if the light consists of waves of wavelength (lambda)?  [where the PMP?s always follow classical (Newtonian-like) trajectories, while all the up-today Wave-Optics phenomena are easily explained]; and (iv): the phase-distribution of the interacting photons, creates their own ?External ? Macroscopic - Maxwellian-E/M-Field?Resultant - Strength?, giving us the impression that they are really governed by that field.