Marinov's Toothed-Wheels Measurement of Absolute Velocity of Solar System

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Scientific Paper
Title Marinov\'s Toothed-Wheels Measurement of Absolute Velocity of Solar System
Author(s) Paul Wesley
Keywords tooth-sheels measurement, absolute velocity, solar system
Published 1987
Journal None
Pages 1-10


Marinov reports measuring the absolute velocity of the closed laboratory using two toothed wheels mounted on the ends of a rotating shaft. Light incident on the first toothed wheel is chopped. As it arrives at the second toothed wheel later, due to the finite time it takes light to travel down the shaft, it is again chopped by the second toothed wheel. The amount of light that gets through measures the oneway time-of-flight velocity of light in the direction of the shaft. By directly comparing the results for beams travelling in opposite directions the absolute velocity is directly measured, v = [(c + v) - (c - v)]/2. He reports the absolute velocity of the solar system as v = 360 [] 40 km/sec, a = 12 [] 1h, [] - 24 [] 7o, in agreement with the results from the 2.7oK cosmic background anisotropy and Marinov's coupled mirrors experiment. The errors he reports are consistent with his experimental setup and procedure.