On This, Till Now, So Shy Universal Ether

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Scientific Paper
Title On This, Till Now, So Shy Universal Ether
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Author(s) Dan Romalo
Keywords universal ether, flow field, bending of light-rays
Published 2005
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 18
Number 5
Pages 83-91

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Hypothetically assuming that there exists a physical ether, extended in the entire existing space, and that it is continuously absorbed by dense matter in a way generating a locally well-determined flow field, some possibly observable consequences are investigated theoretically. In a first step, the consequences of that assumption on the orbital movement of Mercury are evaluated, the conclusion being that, without contradicting any known fact, it may only in a very small proportion participate as an explanation. In a second step, the bending of light-rays emitted on distant stars and passing, to reach us, near massive celestial bodies is evaluated by means of an Excel program. The figures so obtained are near enough to those deduced from astronomical observations. The program describes also the temporal evolution of the bended rays when they pass very near an occulting massive body. Suggestions are offered for some experimental - by means of a spatial telescope - astronomical observations of the phenomenon