On the Motion of the Solar System With Respect to the Ether

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Scientific Paper
Title On the Motion of the Solar System With Respect to the Ether
Author(s) Svetlana Tochel\'Nikova-Muri
Keywords solar system, ether, velocity, satellites
Published 1993
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 4
Number 6
Pages 109-118


It is pointed out that the measurement of Maxwell's effect []t, or the measurement of "the velocity of the solar system through the ether by observing Jupiter's moons" [2] was not possible earlier, but has become possible now, provided a modification of the method [1] is applied, and the precise observations of apparent conjunctions of satellites or so-called "mutual phenomena of satellites" [4] (i.e., eclipses and occultations of one satellite by another) are used in addition to the eclipses and occultations of satellites by planets as proposed by Maxwell and in [1]. A further requirement for answering Maxwell's question [2] is an adequate reduction of observations. Since the problem concerns astrometry, celestial mechanics, stellar astronomy, and also fundamental problems of physics, it is proposed to involve the International Astronomical Union in evaluating the complex work plan and in solving the ensuing problems.